# What makes Leech Protocol unique?

  • Leech Protocol allows users to provide liquidity from any blockchain and get returns effortlessly. The protocol performs all the operations that the users will usually have to execute manually and determines a good Annual Percentage Yield (APY). It does this through transferring the liquidity between blockchains, searching for the best solution for the liquidity, loading the liquidity, and earning high profitability. This protocol combines farming strategies in different categories while taking into account risks and profitability.
  • The essence of Leech Protocol is not only to “transfer” liquidity from one blockchain to another but also to create strategies for these transfers and constantly improve them. This protocol will automatically execute multi-level strategies on different blockchains.
  • We did a complete analysis of DeFi protocol hacks. We have classified all known hacks and worked out possible methods for protection against them.
  • The Security audits are a constant mechanism of Leech protocol. We provide audits with the implementation of each feature that affects the work of smart contracts.