# What Is Leech Protocol?

Leech Protocol is one of the first automatic DeFi cross-chain yield aggregators to earn optimal profits on different blockchains.

It allows users to easily farm on multiple chains. They deposit their liquidity into Leech Protocol, which then performs operations that the user would normally do manually. Leech has incorporated protocols like Sushi Swap, Velodrome, Thena, Biswap, Yak, Venus etc. with specific liquidity pairs that are monitored. If a user deposits, for example, some USDT into Leech Protocol, he deposits it in one place, and doesn’t need to worry about anything else. He doesn’t have to choose which blockchains to farm on or look for good yield, our protocol does it all for him. By aggregating multiple blockchains, it finds the best place to put his liquidity to generate optimal profitability. If the yield falls by X%, his liquidity is moved to another location that is more suitable. This is just one example of Leech’s functionality, and more complex strategies with various risk levels and returns will be added in the future.