# Cross-chain

Leech Protocol is one of the first DeFi 2.0 automatic cross-chain yield aggregators that ensures safe farming of any cryptocurrency with effective risk management for the users.

Currently our protocol offers the following networks to work with: Optimism, Avalanche, BNB Chain, whereas Poligon, Arbitrum and much more are coming soon.

Now the user does not need to choose which blockchains to farm on or look for good yield, our protocol does it all for him. You can make the deposit from Arbitrum to the Optimism vault and withdraw the assets in the same way with lowest commissions.

Some of the benefits of cross-chain are:

1.Sending tokens from one chain to another without having to go through a token bridge manually.
2.Simplicity and speed - performing any cross-chain transaction with just a click.
3.You get complete security and reduce the risk of losing your assets to 0 since Leech Protocol is  decentralized.
4.You get to save money by having very low fees and skipping useless steps to complete cross-chain transactions.

How will it work? The user chooses a main asset, such as USDT or USDC, and deposits liquidity. Our system bridges the underlying assets with a third party bridge - Stargate. After this the assets are sent to the smart contract for further interaction with the strategies assigned to the vault. For instance, if a user picks USDT as their main asset and deposits from Optimism network to the vault on Avalanche, the system swaps liquidity, bridges it, and gives the liquidity to DEX assigned to the vault into different pools to earn the rewards and gain profit. In this way users can earn on different blockchains and do not need to make tons of transactions to bridge, swap, deposit the liquidity.

All commissions for such transactions are minimized, and the deposit/withdrawal is made in one click.