# Сomposite vault (Mixpool and Risk graded)

Leech constantly searches for the most profitable strategies Our flagship feature is automatic complex multi-level strategies that our team develops and regularly updates. These strategies incorporate the capabilities of each blockchain and factor in various risk assessments.

Depending on the risk level chosen, Leech Protocol automatically selects the best strategy for each user. All the user needs to do is select their level of risk.

 Vault Name: High Risk
 Network: BNB Chain
 DEX: Thena (USDC_wUSDR(v3) Fusion Pool)
 Address: 0x8584eD842584B3f115433f74e4168F549e1Df22D

 Vault Name: Low Risk
 Network: Optimism 
 DEX: Sushi (USDT/USDC pool)
 Address: 0xAAaC67d94Eca361dbecFD582237641E4AaCecF7f

 Vault Name: Medium Risk
 Network: Optimism
 DEX: Velodrome v2 (sAMMV2-CHI/DAI)
 Address: 0x9C95744755795CB03b8DDCBD5Df4fb7656D016CD

 Vault Name: General Mixed (Coming soon)

Strategies are changing in the General Mixed pool to increase profitability. We transfer liquidity to higher profitable strategies to get earnings. So this pool can be at different risks (High/Medium/Low) with several strategies under each risk type, where we make the rebalancing to avoid any profit loss.