# What is the Leech Protocol?

Leech Protocol provides a user-friendly solution that simplifies the yield farming process across all major blockchains and platforms, enabling users to efficiently earn crypto in just a few clicks. Our platform effortlessly enables sophisticated strategies (i.e. hedging) with advanced risk management techniques, allowing users to earn yields from all current and future platforms in the market.

# How to contact Leech Protocol regarding partnership?

If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected] or [email protected].

# Where can I find out more detailed information about the project?

All information about the project can be found in our Light Paper or Pitch Deck.

Light Paper translations are in Discord in the thread #translations.

# Will Leech Protocol have a token?

The information about Leech Protocol token will be available after the publication of the tokenomics.

# Who is investor of the Leech Protocol?

The project raised $1.5 million with a valuation of $6.8 million. Detailed investor information will be published later, stay tuned.

# What is a team experience?

The information about the team is avaliable in our Pitch Deck.

# Does Leech Protocol have an audit?

Leech Protocol audited by Hacken. Report available via the link.

# How secure is the Leech Protocol?

Leech Protocol provided security audit by Hacken. Also you can learn more about Leech Protocol security in our two articles on Medium:

Translations of articles are available at Discord in the thread #translations.

# When will automated strategies be launched?

Automated strategies have already been implemented on the Leech Protocol App (beta). However, automated hedging strategies and v3 strategies will be launched after the 3rd stage of the product launch within the closed Leech Farming Club. Information about Leech Farming Club will be announced later.

# Which chains does LeechProtocol support?

For now, we support BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. But we add new chains monthly, so be tuned in to our socials.

# How income is generated in the Protocol?

You can get information about the profit of Protocol in our Pitch Deck in Revenue Model paragraph.

# What is Mechanic of Mixed pools work?

All our mixed pools will consist of several pairs. For instance, we might add five medium-risk pairs to a high-risk pool. We implement this to enable liquidity reallocation among pairs on platforms like Velodrome in search of the most profitable conditions. At the moment, we have added one token pair to each mixed pool.

Mixed pool (High risk) is a liquidity mining strategy on the BNB chaine network, utilizing Thena.fi DEX. The strategy includes farming on highly profitable stablecoin pairs such as wUSDR / USDC.

Mixed pool (Medium risk) is a liquidity mining strategy on the Optimism network, utilizing Velodrome DEX. The strategy includes farming on medium profitable pairs such as sAMMV2-CHI/DAI.

Mixed pool (Low risk) is a liquidity mining strategy on the Optimism network, utilizing Sushiswap DEX. The strategy includes farming on low risk stablecoin pairs such as USDT / USDC.

# What are the deposit/withdrawal fees on the 2nd stage?

There might be few external fees:

  • When depositing coins from one blockchain to a pool on a different blockchain, the fee for the Stargate bridge will be ≈$1.
  • When depositing one coin (e.g., USDT) into a pool with another coin (e.g., USDC), the fee for the swap will range ≈ from $0.5 to $1
  • Also, there will be a swap fee if you're creating a pair within an LP by one coin (e.g., USDT), for instance, like USDT/USDC.

# How is APR formed in Leech Protocol pools?

Leech Protocol is a yield aggregator. Therefore, it extracts APR from the pools of the protocols it interacts with.